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The EIHA hemp manifesto

Dear Sir or Madam,

Europe is in an emergency of unprecedented proportions that will profoundly change, if not upset, our life in all its aspects. The crisis means irreversible change for the existing world order and will bring with it new models in social, health, political and economic areas that will determine the future of future generations. It is all the more important that Europe is now on the right track.

The European Association for Industrial Hemp (EIHA) represents the European hemp sector and would like to give Europe the Hemp Manifesto show the way into the future.

This document shows how the potential of the whole hemp plant can be fully exploited to drive the transition to an emission-free, ecological and sustainable economy . Give hemp a chance and discover its numerous advantages . How? The manifest contains 10 key points with specific suggestions that should lead to decisive action.

Our solution is green, innovative and tangible.

The European hemp sector is ready to work for the future.

Do you want to be part of the #Hemprevolution too?


on behalf of Daniel Kruse , President of EIHA

Victoria Troyano