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Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen

Dr. med. Franjo Grotenhermen

Franjo Grotenhermen completed his studies in medicine and obtained his doctorate. med. in Cologne. His fields of activity included internal medicine, surgery and naturopathic treatments. He runs a medical practice in Steinheim (Westphalia) with a focus on therapy with cannabis and cannabinoids. Grotenhermen is the managing director of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Cannabis als Medizin e.V. (ACM), managing director of the International Working Group for Cannabinoid Medicines (IACM) and author of the IACM information, which has been published every fortnight for more than 20 years in several languages ​​on the IACM website. Grotenhermen is an employee of the Cologne nova Institute, co-owner of Endoxo GmbH (founded in 2019) and Head of Scientific Committee of MYCB1 (since 2019). He received the following awards: Cannabusiness hemp prize 1999, IACM 2011 Special Award, ICBC 2018 Lifetime Achievement Award, Robert Newman Memorial Prize 2018 from Accept e.V.

Stefan Nölker-Wunderwald

Stefan Nölker-Wunderwald, the founder of the Hanf-Zeit company, has been passionately committed to making the hemp plant socially acceptable again and promoting regional hemp cultivation for over 20 years. Nölker-Wunderwald already won the Product Award 2000 (anti-stress & amp; scented cushions hemp) and, together with Wulf Niehus, won the innovation award for hemp products with "Spirit-of-Hemp-Roots" from the EIHA in 2018.
With Endoxo GmbH (2019) it has now been possible to present a joint product line together with the expert in the field of cannabinoids (Dr. Grotenhermen). Stefan Nölker-Wunderwald continues to encourage Stefan Nölker-Wunderwald to take this path together with Endoxo in order to combine specialist knowledge with fair products.