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  • The EIHA hemp manifesto

    Dear Sir or Madam, Europe is in an emergency of unprecedented proportions that will profoundly change, if not upset, our life in all its aspec...
  • Common mistakes part I.

    Aus der Reihe "Häufige Irrtümer": Irrtum 1: "Chronischer Stress schadet dem Endocannabinoid-System und führt zu niedrigen Endocannabinoid- Werten." Quelle: Wanitschek/Vigl: Cannabis und Cannabidiol (CBD) richtig anwenden.

    I've bought some books on CBD in the past few days. Including those with a good placement on the Amazon ranking list. They sprout like mushrooms from the ground.

    Often there are very fundamental errors that are probably simply because of this ... ...